Environmental and social responsibilities

Our focus on conservation, efficiency, and responsible practices ensures sustainable building operations and healthy indoor and outdoor environments, supporting the people within and around our buildings.

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Environmental commitment

We believe the real estate community has a responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of the built environment and its contribution to climate change. At The Swig Company, we are deeply committed to the ongoing reduction of our carbon footprint while providing optimal environments for the health and wellness of our building occupants.

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Sustainable building operations

Our sustainability strategies are aimed at improving the environmental performance of our managed portfolio. Additionally, health and safety considerations for our tenants and visitors are a top priority for every building management decision. We focus on the following key impact areas to achieve those goals:

sustainability occupant health
sustainability materials

Occupant Health and Safety

We uphold an unwavering commitment to ensure the health and safety of all who work in and visit our properties. Our approach includes:

  • Engaging industry-leading experts to develop policies for building systems and hygiene practices
  • Promoting good health through vigilance in maintenance standards and prioritizing natural light and biophilic design
  • Designing redevelopment projects to achieve WELL Certification
  • Emphasizing prevention of pests above treatment
  • Using nontoxic products
  • sustainability energy

    Energy & GHG Emissions

    We reduce the carbon footprint of our properties through a vigilant focus on energy efficiency. Our long term vision for core assets enables us to consider an expanded range of improvement opportunities as we embrace innovation. Our strategies include:

  • Pursuing LEED certifications and registering properties in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Optimizing building performance to lower energy usage intensity and energy consumption
  • Engaging with tenants to encourage practices that lower energy use, including alternative transportation
  • Conducting regular audits of our performance
  • sustainability energy
    sustainability water
    sustainability water


    We are dedicated to the stewardship of water as a vital, shared resource. Our water management policies and practices include:

  • Utilizing reclaimed water systems for landscaping
  • Minimizing water use in the cleaning of hardscape and building exteriors
  • Encouraging water-wise behaviors with our tenants
  • Using water-free cleaning methods and avoiding harsh chemicals indoors and outdoors
  • sustainability materials

    Materials & Waste

    We minimize the environmental impact of the materials and supplies that flow into and out of our buildings. We focus on:

  • Purchasing products that meet sustainable criteria
  • Responsible waste management including recycling, composting, and electronic waste collection programs
  • Conducting annual waste audits of our consumption and disposal patterns
  • Ensuring that construction projects follow requirements for waste diversion and materials selection
  • sustainability materials

    Get more information about our sustainability practices in our annual sustainability report.

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    Industry-leading standards


    7 properties, totaling 76% of portfolio square footage, are LEED certified

    energy star

    The average ENERGY STAR score across the portfolio in 2020 is 76%


    Our buildings are registered in USGBC's performance-based platform Arc since 2018

    Helping communities thrive

    Our approach to sustainability extends to supporting our building occupants and the quality of their environment as well as nurturing the communities around us. We are committed to promoting positive social impacts for people and communities, focusing in two main areas:

    sustainability tenant experience

    Tenant Experience

    Spaces, services, and amenities are designed around people and what puts them at their best, with an emphasis on promoting wellness.

    sustainability community impact

    Community Impact

    Partnerships create pathways to success for tomorrow’s workforce, building strong communities through education, volunteering, and charitable donations.

    lla graduationlla graduation
    sustainability innovation

    Technology and workplace innovation

    The Swig Company’s h3experiences program offers flexible workspaces, new technology, wellness offerings, sustainable environments, and community programs — designed to inspire great work and connect people.