Elevated experiences
for work and life

Flexible workspaces, new technology, wellness offerings, sustainable environments, and community programs — designed
to inspire great work and connect people.

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Creating personalized environments

We built h3experiences around individuals and what puts them at their best. Powered by ever-advancing technology and workspace innovation, all of our buildings are designed to anticipate the demands of the evolving workforce.

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h3experiences work
h3experiences work

More Choice, More Productivity

Flexible office solutions, from co-working to turnkey
team suites

Plug-and-play enterprise level digital services

Shared alternative work areas

Onsite meeting and conference centers

Exclusive member services, including HR and health benefits

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Enliven Your Day, Everyday

Wellness and fitness centers

Healthy building features and environmentally sustainable management practices

Outdoor plazas and cafes for downtime and focusing

Public area lounges and hubs

h3experiences wellness
h3experiences community

h3experiences community

Celebrating and Sharing Together

Access to amenities and services throughout California properties, including event spaces

Special events programming

Invitation to participate in community service projects related to educating and engaging tomorrow’s workforce

Constantly innovating

It’s important that being in a Swig building feels different and better than any other experience you’ve ever had. We are constantly evolving our offerings by engaging with our clients to understand what would make life better. Also, h3e members enjoy access to our amenities, events, and services across our entire California property portfolio.

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